Benefits of Digital Signs Rental in Hewlett NY

benefits of digital signs rental

Renting digital signage can be an effective way to expand brand visibility and engage high-potential customers in Hewlett NY, at an extremely cost-effective solution that can be utilized anywhere.

Digital signage can also serve as an invaluable communication tool for schools to connect with students and faculty alike. Customizable displays can display campus maps or provide other pertinent information that helps guide visitors around campus more easily.


Digital signage displays are an cost-effective and engaging way of reaching out to your audience. They feature dynamic imagery and text that is accessible via touchscreen, voice command or text input; plus they’re easy to manage thanks to central content management systems. Use digital signs for direction purposes or highlight special products and services at events or trade show booths!

Studies have demonstrated that digital signs increase brand awareness by over 47%. They can replace traditional print communications and help reduce costs associated with paper, ink, waste disposal and staff time; plus they can be updated easily from remote locations using cloud-based software.

An attractive digital sign can help your company achieve high employee engagement, which in turn reduces turnover by as much as 65%. Engaged employees tend to call in sick less and be more productive – both of which increase bottom line results. By using digital signs to communicate company goals, tasks, and deliverables visually to employees you can motivate employees easily and visually.

Easy to install

Installation of a digital signage system involves more than simply installing software programs and screens; it requires installing a media player as well as making sure power and internet are reliable enough to support them. A site inspection is vital, as this can determine lighting conditions, wall material strength and other essential factors necessary for an optimal install.

LED displays make a powerful statement with sizes ranging from 32” to 98”, providing dynamic displays capable of showcasing striking graphics and videos to draw attention and promote offers, promotions and new products.

Hiring a startup consultant is highly recommended for companies that are new to digital signage. A startup consultant can assist with business compliance matters such as determining if you require a permit and selecting an ideal vendor for digital signage displays.

Easy to maintain

Digital signs provide self-service options and content variety through touch or voice interface, enabling guests to navigate a hotel’s offerings and information with ease – freeing staff up for more personalized service. Hoteliers know the guest experience is the cornerstone of their success; thus investing heavily in design, amenities and staff training; however a simple sign could make all the difference!

Digital signs require much less maintenance than traditional signage, thanks to protective facings covering most screens and being scratch- and stain-resistant. If any marks do appear, mild cleaners like Windex or baking soda should do just fine to remove it. Furthermore, many digital signage vendors include built-in software updates which keep their systems operating smoothly; some even work offline without internet connectivity altogether – useful features for businesses located in areas prone to frequent power outages.

Easily customizable

Digital signs can easily be tailored to suit the needs of any brand, providing eye-catching graphics, videos and presentations as well as text. Digital signs are an ideal solution for targeting specific customer groups and engaging high-potential clients at trade shows – while simultaneously drawing passersby in and showcasing your product or service offerings.

Reach greater sales with digital displays by featuring specials or rotating menus on digital signs. They also help inform customers about business hours and public service announcements; moreover, digital messages on displays have also proven successful at motivating employees – studies show that engaged staff call in sick less often and are over 20% more productive!

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Queuing data displayed on screens can reduce perceived wait times and help customers navigate large spaces more independently, freeing up staff for personalized customer assistance. You can even use a central content management system to distribute messages across multiple digital screens like single large displays, touchscreens, video walls or room signs.