The Benefits of a Packaging Box Company in Roslyn Heights

Effective packaging for any product sold online or in-store is critical to safe product delivery and building strong brand identities. A reputable product packaging company in Roslyn Heights can assist in creating customized boxes tailored specifically to meet your requirements.

Custom-designed boxes tailored specifically for your products will protect fragile contents while saving space in your warehouse (thereby lowering DIM weight charges) and creating an exceptional customer experience.


Packaging that holds your product can make an impressionful first impression and build brand loyalty among consumers. In addition, packaging helps protect products from damage during shipping to ensure timely product deliveries to end consumers.

Custom boxes can be tailored specifically to the product they hold, reducing product waste while helping companies save on shipping costs and warehouse space requirements. Customized designs also reduce carbon dioxide emissions and warehouse storage requirements.

Planters offers cosmetic customization that enables it to adjust its packaging according to various retailers’ merchandising strategies. It understands that Wal-Mart requires different quantities than 7-Eleven or Jewel, and accordingly responds on an individual order basis. Customers who receive products packaged according to retailer merchandising strategies are more likely to make repeat purchases from Planters.

High-Quality Printing

No matter whether you are selling lipstick or an expensive watch, your packaging must be of top quality. A reliable printing company will use various materials such as paper, plastic and even metal in their process, in order to give your packaging an edge over competitors.

Taylor Box specializes in specialty packaging and custom printed boxes. Their state-of-the-art production facility can produce turned-edge casework (for game boards, easels and wrapped panels), diecuts, laminations, embossing foil stamping as well as turned edge case work (game boards easels wrapped panels etc).

The company offers its products in over 100 countries, and customers include companies such as Marriott Hotels, Pandora, Old Spice and MetLife. Their wide range of packaging types includes eco-friendly shipping boxes and cosmetics packaging boxes; plus their user-friendly website allows users to chat live with a customer service rep while quickly submitting artwork designs.

Design Assistance

Packaging can convey an abundance of information to consumers. From brand identity and marketing messages, your packaging can help set yourself apart from competitors and gain more customers.

Custom printing companies make creating unique box designs much simpler. Their experienced artists will bring your ideas to life and deliver flawless products; they can even add text in multiple fonts and sizes according to your specifications.

PCA offers an array of value-added services, such as structural design assistance and prototyping, that will help ensure that your packaging will fit and protect your product perfectly, creating an enjoyable unboxing experience for customers.


Shipping and packaging costs in e-commerce can be significant; however, choosing cost-efficient packaging options can help businesses reduce these costs without compromising product protection.

ThomasNet lists 120 box manufacturers. Some operate small operations with the aim of offering customers “Large enough to serve you, yet small enough for us to know them personally”.

The industry relies heavily on recycled materials, with one-quarter to one-third of raw materials coming from municipally collected bales of waste cardboard for recycling. Furthermore, most kraft mills operate with high rates of recovery; shipping companies formerly charged based on weight alone which encouraged customers to use larger boxes than necessary; this practice has since been replaced by dimensional pricing.


Shipping costs can quickly eat into profits for eCommerce businesses or manufacturers shipping their goods to retailers and wholesalers, which means finding boxes tailored to your product can help minimize shipping expenses while guaranteeing good condition delivery of your products. Using practices such as dimensional pricing will allow you to do this efficiently while maintaining profitability.

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Investment in appropriate packaging can help your warehouse reduce storage and labor costs. Automating packing processes and optimizing warehouse layout can increase efficiency while cutting labor expenses and energy bills.

When selecting a packaging box manufacturer, look for one with flexible manufacturing and quick turnaround times to avoid costly mistakes or delays in production, leading to improved inventory management and cash flow.