VSLPackaging Packaging Company in Sacramento, USA

VSLPackaging Packaging Company in Sacramento, USA stands out amongst their competition as a value packaging provider, creating custom boxes and folding cartoons at excellent rates. Visit their web-site today to discover more!

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Corrugated & Paperboard Boxes

Box blanks, also referred to as box parts or tray wraps are pieces of corrugated fiberboard with one or more scorelines, slots or slits cut into it for use as packing pieces in shipping cases.

Packaging your shipment properly can help protect both fragile items and bulky shipments from external and internal damage, saving both time and money in shipping costs. Corrugated fiberboard (known as Kraft containerboard) boxes offer both versatility and affordability when choosing packaging solutions for shipping products of this nature.

Corrugated boxes come in various shapes and sizes, all constructed of the same material. C flute is by far the most popular style used when selling corrugated boxes; B, E and F flute versions also exist.

Boxes are produced on “flute lamination machines”, known as corrugators. A corrugated medium layer is sandwiched between flat sheets of linerboard called inside and outside faces to form boxes, with their Mullen/Edge Crush Test (ECT) values providing insight into how much pressure each box can withstand before crumbling under pressure.

Polyethylene & Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) Boxes

VSL Packaging’s food boxes are purpose built for food businesses. Made of strong yet flexible materials that offer sufficient protection and safety for their contents. Customization with logos helps customers remember which brand they’re purchasing from.

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Paper Mart, ClearBags and Bags & Bows all offer custom packaging supplies online; Bags & Bows provides mid-range purchase sizes as an ecommerce partner site.

SUM I LITE (r) VSL Series bags are polyethylene bags designed with superior moisture barrier properties that are commonly used by pharmaceutical companies for packaging drugs that require particularly high moisture resistance such as capsules and non-pyrazolone painkilling drugs. In addition, their excellent oxygen barrier properties help extend shelf life of these medications making these popular among drug stores and companies.