The Benefits of Packaging Finishing in Thomaston

benefits of packaging finishing

Packaging finishing adds a protective barrier to printed materials, rendering them more resistant to water and scratches and increasing their tensile strength so that they can support more weight.

Dreyer Kliche from Denmark uses embossing and foil stamping techniques to add value to their products, using embossing to add an exclusive element and foil stamping as another means.


No matter if you need cost-effective or durable packaging printing solutions in Thomaston, many factors must be taken into consideration before selecting a manufacturer. When making this choice, take note of their response time, quality assurance processes, pricing strategies and FSC certification status among other features.

Packaging finishes can add much to the image of your brand. Soft-touch lamination makes your packaging feel luxuriously soft against your hands, which helps it stand out on store shelves. Foil stamping and embossing also can give products an exclusive appearance, providing your business with an upscale vibe.

Minimum order quantities can lead to increased inventories of low-sales volume finished pack stock, leading to higher transportation, warehousing, and packaging costs as well as diminished brand sales and market share. Decoupled packaging services may help manufacturers focus on core activities while simultaneously cutting costs by decoupling product production from packaging costs.


Packaging finishing can make an enormous impact in the look and durability of paper-based packaging, which is particularly essential in shipping and handling operations. When considering finishing options for printed materials, however, it’s crucial to take the environmental impact of varnish into account; by minimizing usage, using recycled paper instead of virgin pulp paper and disposing of it correctly you can help lessen its negative impacts on our planet.

Print finishing options also include embossing and debossing, which use metal dies to produce raised prints on paper surfaces. These add an element of luxury and texture to the final product and can even be combined with spot-gloss UV lamination or soft touch lamination to give more options for customization.

Foil stamping is an increasingly popular technique that adds metallic sheen to packaging surfaces, adding an eye-catching shimmer that highlights specific areas like logos or slogans on packages. Available in multiple colors and textures, foil stamping works particularly well on uncoated papers.


Recyclability should always be at the core of selecting suitable finishing techniques for packaging. While trendy elements like lightweighting and on-the-go for-mats may attract the spotlight, finishing remains timeless in its ability to add real value and differentiate your products on store shelves. In Denmark-based Dreyer Kliche, which specializes in intricate foils and embossing techniques such as die cutting and embossing techniques has created a useful flipbook showcasing finishing’s global capabilities and its endless delights.

Recycling paper into new cardboard and aluminium into new metal is generally straightforward, profitable and carbon-reducing; unfortunately, plastic recycling remains more complex. Although different resins have their own symbols within the industry, separating them for recycling can be both time consuming and complex.

Therefore, it’s essential that eco-friendly varnishes be selected, usage reduced and over-packaging avoided; and ensure finished products can be recycled easily. With careful considerations and practices in place, packaging finishing can become both sustainable and long-lasting.


Addicted to adding finishing touches to packaging can make all the difference in its presentation and standout from competition, adding visual appeal and premium feel to it. Not only are finishing touches visually pleasing and protect its contents from damage but they may also shield it against further wear-and-tear.

Spot UV coating is one of the most frequently utilized finishing options, applied directly to specific parts of a package and made to shine. This makes highlighting certain design elements like logos or product images much simpler while helping reduce glare for an improved finish.

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Embossing and debossing are among the many print finishing options available that can enhance your packaging, creating raised print on the surface of the paper for a premium appearance. This method works particularly well when used to package high-end items such as cosmetics or luxury goods. Foil stamping offers another print finishing solution, featuring different colored foil stamps that can also be combined with embossing, such as gold/silver foils, holographic foils or security foils for embossing for enhanced packaging.