A Brief Overview of the Frumkin New York Packaging and Shipping Services Company

New York Packaging, which also goes by the name Redi Bag USA Inc, is located at New Hyde Park, New York. This company mainly operates in the Packaging Materials industry / sector within the Wholesale trade-Nondurable Goods industry. In addition, this company has been working for about 16 years now. In this period, they have established a good fame as an expert packager of various types of packages such as, Reused Packages, Used Packages, Over the Counter Packages, Food Packages, Medical Packages, Vacuum Bags, Cosmetic Packages, Tissue Paper Packages and many more.

New York Packaging supplies various important products to several wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and distributors all over the world. One of the best ways to get their assistance and become their client is through the company’s subsidiary offices in various countries across the globe. This is because, with the help of New York Packaging, the principal place of distribution will be reached by the wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and distributors all around the world. With this, it will be possible to increase the sales of the company and its products. It should be mentioned here that, the company’s main focus is to provide clients with the best service and products to increase their sales and establish a good reputation to gain more sales all around the world.

According to the new york Packaging LLC, Incorporated, the primary aim of the company is “to satisfy the increasing demand for packaging materials and solutions worldwide.” They have achieved this by “using technology and innovation to improve the productivity, quality and safety of the packaging used in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.” One of the popular products that they manufacture is the polyethylene plastic or EPC. Another popular packaging part is the hexavalent chromium plating solution which is commonly used for making alloys, stainless steel and zinc-coated metal alloys.

The company believes that they have a duty of care to “uphold and protect the legal rights of its consumers.” To do this, they have established two kinds of entities, namely, a New York Liability Company and a New York Packaging Supplier. Their main product lines are Personal Injury Protection, Liability Insurance, and Promotional Product. Their Liability Company is responsible for responding to all customers’ claims in a professional and timely manner. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated and then only settle if the complaint is not genuine or valid.

Their main business activities include providing packaging and shipping services as well as affiliate programs for other companies. Other companies under their wing are The Modern Portrait Company,LP; The Box Corp., NY; The Shoppes Inc., NJ, and The International Portfolio Co., NY, Inc. There are other companies associated with Frumkin which provide shipping services as well. These companies are: Fulfillment Solutions, LLC; K & L Shipping Inc., NY, and US Wellness Network, LLC. All these companies ship freight to customers across the country.

Customers can obtain free quotes on the company’s products and shipping services by contacting them directly or through the Internet. Online quotes are provided after the company receives your shipping address, contact information, and height of the shipping container. The company then processes your quote and determines what type of package your customers would like to receive.