Digital Doors For Coolers in New York

digital doors for coolers

One of the latest technologies to hit the cooler market are digital doors for coolers. Currently, Walgreens in New York has been testing the digital cooler doors with some of its stores. These screens are designed to track customers via cameras and motion sensors and serve targeted ads in real time. Another startup, Cooler Screens, is bringing this technology to other retail locations. The company’s digital doors work like touchscreens and show customers virtual renderings of the items inside.

The ThruVu product is an all-in-one digital cooler solution. It features a free standing cooler, LCD front door assembly, media player, and necessary software integration. ThruVu’s TransVu backlighting enhancement delivers an impressive 78 percent color saturation, while still meeting the U.S. Department of Energy’s standards for commercial coolers. It also comes with a 4G cellular modem, allowing the retailer to upload content and monitor back-end hardware.

While digital cooler doors aren’t a revolutionary technology, they are a convenient way to make your store stand out from the competition. The company’s ThruVu solution includes a freestanding cooler, an LCD front door assembly, media player, and all necessary software integration. ThruVu’s 720p display and TransVu backlighting enhancement deliver superior visual image quality. Moreover, they meet U.S. Department of Energy commercial cooler requirements and include a 4G cellular modem.

ThruVu provides a turnkey digital cooler solution that consists of a free-standing cooler, LCD front door assembly, media player, and all necessary software integration. The product uses the TransVu backlighting enhancement that produces 78 percent color saturation and meets the U.S. Department of Energy’s standards for commercial coolers. The company’s technology includes a 4G cellular modem to enable remote content upload and hardware monitoring.

With more than 260 locations, digital coolers are becoming more accessible to the general public. The company’s products are more attractive and user-friendly than ever before. In addition to displaying more appealing content, these products also help consumers in identifying their favorite products. The company’s Cooler Screens digital coolers are designed for the in-store environment and are a perfect match for any store. This company has over 260 retail locations and is the leading provider of digital doors for coolers.

Its digital doors for coolers replace the traditional glass doors with touchscreens that allow consumers to interact with brands. The touchscreens can be updated remotely for special offers and are identity blind. A company’s digital doors for coolers can be easily integrated with their existing retail environment. A representative of the startup claims the new technology is more convenient than its predecessors. Its product is made of tempered glass, so that it’s safe to use while working in an office environment.

The company’s digital cooler doors allow shoppers in New York to view advertisements about products without leaving their shopping carts. The digital cooler doors also let marketers serve targeted ads to shoppers by collecting data about the products they’re buying. The technology can be installed on store refrigerators or on the front of refrigerators. The company’s technology also allows advertisers to track which items a customer is interested in and display the most relevant ads in the simplest way possible.