6 Packaging News For New York in 4 August 2022

packaging news in august 2022

There are many stories in the packaging world this month for New York. From Canmaking News to Constantia Flexibles to YewMaker, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy. There’s also news about the Sustainable Medicines Packaging Awards. Read on to learn more about the latest developments. And remember to stay tuned for more packaging news next month.

Canmaking News

Canmaking News is a leading online magazine for the metal packaging industry. Its team of qualified graduates, industry sales specialists, and experienced journalists is based in the UK and travels extensively to industry events. Founded in October 2003, Canmaking News has grown into a global brand in the metal packaging industry.

Constantia Flexibles

Constantia Flexibles is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging solutions. The flexible packaging market is largely unaffected by cyclical fluctuations, and the global megatrends of urbanization, sustainability, healthcare, and a broadening middle class are fueling long-term growth.

Constantia has invested in research and development to ensure its continued success in the packaging industry. It continues to launch new product lines, which incorporate environmental considerations. One such initiative is its new sustainable packaging line, Ecolutions, which consists of recycled product families. This environmentally friendly packaging line provides high performance and a low-impact solution for the packaging industry.

Constantia Flexibles also developed a new material specifically designed for pharmaceutical packaging. This material, called Perpetua Alta, features high chemical resistance, making it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical applications. The material is also recyclable and is lighter than conventional laminates.


YewMaker, the leader in sustainable healthcare, has announced the inaugural Sustainable Medicines Packaging Awards. These awards, which will be held in Geneva on 14 September 2022, will celebrate the latest sustainable innovations in pharmaceutical packaging. They will honor companies that have transformed the pharmaceutical packaging industry using materials, constituents, or packaging designs. The event will include a ceremony where Gold, Silver, and Bronze award winners will be revealed.

YewMaker is a sustainable healthcare incubator. It was founded by Dr. Nazneen Rahman, a former professor and molecular genetics researcher at the Institute of Cancer Research. Her team’s vision to reduce waste in healthcare involves integrating a scalable, sustainable approach across different sectors. As a result, the company has developed flexible packaging for prescription medicines that integrates with automated filling technology.

Sustainable Medicines Packaging Awards

The Sustainable Medicines Packaging Awards will celebrate the most innovative innovations in pharmaceutical packaging and design. Organised by YewMaker, a public-private partnership, the awards will recognize pharmaceutical companies and innovators that are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the medicines they package. The event will award gold, silver, and bronze medals to products and services that make a difference to the world we live in.

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The awards will recognize companies and products for reducing their environmental impact and minimizing the need for hazardous materials. The awards will feature interactive presentations and Q&A sessions, a three-course dinner, and networking opportunities. The Sustainable Medicines Packaging Awards will be held in August 2022.

In the material category, Novoloop, Inc. was named People’s Choice in 2022. This new material is made from up to 50% recycled post-consumer plastic waste. It has 46% lower CO2 emissions than conventional TPUs while still offering the same performance characteristics.