7 Trends For Packaging for Manhattan, New York in 2022

packaging trends in 2022

Trends for packaging design will continue to evolve throughout the next decade for Manhattan, New York. These include transparent packaging, eco-friendly options, and shapes and typography. As consumers become more health conscious, these trends will continue to be an important part of the packaging industry. In addition, the popularity of transparency and cleanness will continue to grow.

Eco-friendly packaging

With more consumers concerned about the environment, eco-friendly packaging is a growing trend. According to research, packaging represents the second highest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), after energy consumption. In fact, over 60 million tons of CO2 are emitted every year from packaging. In response, governments around the world are enacting laws and drafting guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of man-made materials. At the same time, many companies are also taking steps to increase their commitment to the environment.

Despite these positive trends, companies are facing some challenges. According to a recent survey, almost half of respondents do not have the resources to meet their sustainability goals. In addition, 32% say that they lack the technical expertise to implement sustainable packaging practices. However, the challenges are more manageable than ever. As a result, more companies are looking to adopt eco-friendly packaging.

Transparent packaging

Transparent packaging is an excellent way for consumers to see the contents of a product. It encourages them to pick it up, which will increase sales. The packaging is typically made of polyethylene. This type of packaging is expected to increase in popularity in the years to come. In addition, it offers an additional advertisement platform.

Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing where their products come from. This trend is particularly pronounced in the food and beverage industry. Consumers want more transparency about food and beverage ingredients, sustainability, and nutrition. In addition, consumers want information on personal care products. As a result, brands should meet this demand by including proof elements on packaging, such as sustainability certifications, QR codes, and nutritional information.


For the next decade, shapes of packaging will continue to change according to packaging for company new york ,packaging for solutions new york city. We’ll see products with art gallery vibes and designs that look like engineering plans and anatomy drawings. Designers will use unconventional shapes to grab attention and evoke emotion. Packaging in 2022 will also continue to use experimental typography to make the brand name the most prominent feature.

The packaging industry has undergone two horrible years. In addition to the lockdown, manufacturers were faced with raw material shortages and price hikes. But, by identifying these trends and reassessing brand positioning, manufacturers can create the right packaging for their products.


Typography is a creative art form that can convey a strong sense of personality and express emotion. The biggest trends for packaging in 2022 will focus on eccentric text-centric design and play with negative space, typefaces, and colors. Readability is often pushed aside in favour of aesthetics, while experimentation with line thickness is a key trend.

Choosing a beautiful serif typeface is an easy way to give a product a luxurious feel. You can choose from a variety of serif styles and match them with any color palette to create a memorable and unique package. A popular trend in 2022 is to choose fonts with a sensuous, sinuous, and rich feel. You can also opt for a modern interpretation of the calligraphic styles of the 1970s.


Colors are a big part of packaging design and will continue to be popular in the future. This trend has long been associated with minimalism and using natural colors to make a product look more appealing. However, the use of black and white colors in packaging design can become overdone and make the product harder to see.

Metallic colors are likely to make their way onto packaging designs in 2022. These colors are popular in the design world because they project a sense of quality and luxury. They are frequently seen on high-end luxury products, beer, spirits, and cosmetic packaging.

E-commerce packaging

The growth of e-commerce will be one of the biggest drivers of packaging innovation in the coming years. As consumers increasingly expect a more convenient, hassle-free shopping experience, brands are searching for new ways to improve their packaging. In addition to reducing packaging waste, these innovations also promote usability and returnability.

Consumers have high expectations for the experience of purchasing products and services online, from the packaging to the user experience. As a result, businesses must do everything they can to live up to these high expectations, including ensuring that the e-commerce packaging design satisfies the customer’s needs and expectations. As a result, packaging design needs to be both attractive and protective of the contents. In addition, packaging needs to be interactive and personal, allowing consumers to learn more about a product or brand.